We want Kulbhushan Jadhav back!

Kulbhushan Jadhav: The Indian National trapped in Pakistan

Due to Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case, the relations between India and Pakistan are on the verge. Both the nations are having their individual views over this topic. In addition, it is going to be a disaster as UNO has decided not to take a stand over the case.

About Kulbhushan Jadhav: 

  • Kulbhushan Jadhav alias Hussain Mubarak Patel is an Indian national.
  • Jadhav was arrested from Balochistan, Pakistan on 3rd March 2016.
  • Pakistan arrested him over charges of terrorism.
  • Pakistan thinks that Kulbhushan Jadhav works for the RAW intelligence agency and was spy-ing over them.

The Indian Government says that they have no links with Kulbhushan Jadhav. In addition, they also say that Jadhav has retired. While, Indian Government thinks that Jadhav was kidnapped from Iran.

The case of Kulbhushan Jadhav

Every Indian citizen is under tension as Pakistan has released a statement. The General Court Martial in Pakistan have decided to hang Kulbhushan Jadhav. First of all, is it so easy to hang an Indian National?

Furthermore, they have suspected Jadhav as a spy who works for India. But the India government has said that they aren’t linked with Kulbhushan Jadhav and has also said that Kulbhushan Jadhav has retired and is not working for India.

Without even giving it a thought, Pakistan has disagreed with India’s statement. It seems like Pakistan isn’t allowing India to access Hussain Mubarak Patel. Consequently, 27 arrested Pakistani spies have got fair trial, and consular access in India. India isn’t actually aware about Jadhav’s location and his health.

There is a lot of discussion going on over this topic around the world. The United Nations Organisation had taken this incident into consideration. But when an Indian journalist raised his voice against this topic(the death sentence of the Indian National), the spokesperson for UNO Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric said that “we are not in position to judge the process and have position on this case”, Stephane Dujarric also said that “overall in terms of relationship between India and Pakistan, we continue to underline the need for parties to find a peaceful solution and engage through a dialogue“.

The discussions in the Parliament of India

Rajnath Singh, India’s Minister of Home Affairs has given his view. According to Rajnath Singh, Hussain Mubarak Patel was kidnapped by Pakistani agencies from Iran.

In addition, Sushma Swaraj, India’s Minister of External Affairs said that there are no proofs of any illegal activities by Jadhav. And has termed Pakistan’s action to hang him as an act of “premeditated murder”. Sushma Swaraj also said that if Pakistan implements the death sentence, Pakistan will have to face its consequences later.

What Pakistan has to say over Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case


Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif: The Prime Minister says that they wont bow down to the pressure from India.

Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif: 

According to the Defence Minister the death sentence has been given by referring to the laws. The death sentence doesn’t exceed rules or regulations.

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf:

According to the Former President, the death sentence is in accordance with legal procedures.

Authors take:

According to our study, the case is totally disturbed. There are no solid evidences regarding the case. It is difficult to take anybody’s side. Both the nations are fighting it out among themselves. Furthermore, India wants Kulbhushan Jadhav back to Indian soil while Pakistan wants to hang him. UNO has made an exit from the case, which has worsened the situation. India needs to gather solid information and all the politicians on the chairs need to raise voices. This is the perfect time! We will have to wait and see how both the nations deal with the case.

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