Insult of Army Jawans in Jammu and Kashmir

The Case of Jammu and Kashmir

It was a shocking scene to see the Insult of Army Jawans in Jammu and Kashmir.

The video which has gone viral among the citizens of the country is the one that shows Insult of Army Jawans in Jammu and Kashmir. This clip has certainly raised a lot of questions. The main question which arises is, whom are we insulting? the soldiers of our own country? The Army men?

We are insulting the Jawans of the Army that are serving for our country. We have no right to comment on the Indian Army.They are always on duty to protect the country from threats and intruders.In addition they never hesitate to face bullets so that we, the citizens of the country are safe.

What happened in Jammu and Kashmir:

Coming to the actual case of Jammu and Kashmir:

Location: Budgam, the CRPF camp at a duration of one hour in the outskirts of Srinagar.
There were 35 Jawans on duty for the election day, The voting was for the lok Sabha.

As the procedures were going on, suddenly a mob of people arrived over there and  began, to throw stones on the Jawans of the Army. The Jawans were on duty at Budgam. The situation came under control over a period of time. As the duties of the Army Jawans were over, they started moving to their destinations. But as they came across a village, another mob of people started yelling, “GO TO INDIA, GO BACK“, This is such an insult for those soldiers over there.

Is this what they get for serving the country?


The Army Jawans have expressed great sorrow. They say that they do not expect this from the people of their own country.
The video has made the citizens furious. The three-minute clip clearly shows the disrespect shown towards the Army soldiers by the people of Kashmir-valley. It can be seen in the video that, a person is punching the helmet of a soldier, another one is seen punching the head of a soldier, etc. There are a set of protocols that the soldiers have to follow. According to it, they cannot react to the citizens. If there were no such rules, the soldiers would have definitely taught them a lesson. A lesson which they would have remembered life long.

Authors Take:

According to us, this incident was definitely the one which must have brought tears to the eyes of people who respect the soldiers of the Indian Army. Busy in our schedules, we the people cannot take a major step for this ill treatment towards soldiers. But the authority which can take legal actions is the “Government”. The Government has already taken a few actions. But they should try to bring in some more new rules. We know that the amendment of new rules is a tedious process, but why to back off if it would provide help to the soldiers?

तू शहीद हुआ तो ना जाने 
कैसे तेरी मॉ सोयी होगी ?
एक बात तो तय है
तुझे लगने वाली गोली भी 
सौ बार रोयी होगी 
शत् शत् नमन
हमारे वीर जवानो को 
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