India is not afraid of china’s new aircraft carrier

India is not afraid of China’s new aircraft carrier

India and China, both these countries are extremely strong. While their strength is measured in terms of power, economy, armed forces etc. First of all, India and China have different think tanks. And now China has built a new aircraft carrier. Most of all, India is not afraid of china’s new aircraft carrier.

India works on the principle of democracy while China works on the principle of socializing. In addition, these two nations have had very different pasts.

Going back to that phase, when India got freedom in 15 Aug 1947:

Since the past 70 years, India has developed a lot as compared to other nations in terms of defense. In 1955 India, Pakistan and China signed a treaty. This treaty stated that these three countries wont attack each other. Furthermore China attacked Tibet. After which India and China engaged in a war.This war lasted for a month and led to a lot of destructions.

Why India and China are actually compared?

There exists an area called as Aksai Chin. Aksai Chin is the disputed border area between China and India. Currently, it is administered by China as a part of Hotan Country. According to China, it lies in the southwestern part of Hotan Prefecture. But India claims that Aksai Chin is a part of the Ladakh region. So India and China are always compared as both countries are trying to claim Aksai Chin as their area.

China’s new aircraft carrier

Shifting attention to the latest news, China has launched their new aircraft carrier. It is China’s first indigenous aircraft carrier in itself. China claims that it will take Beijing at least five years to make the 50,000-tonne warship. It is capable of being deployed as an offensive weapon platform in the vast seas. China is expanding its naval power to have control over India ,USA and Britain. There is speculation that China is going to launch another aircraft carrier to show their domination over other countries.
The only country in Asia which can tackle a country like China is India. India already has a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier like INS Vikramaditya. Some other aircraft carrier built by India are, INS Vikrant, INS Vishal etc. INS Vishal is in its design phase.

India’s Aircraft Carriers:

1) INS Vikrant:
Name: INS Vikrant.
Namesake: INS Vikrant (R11)
Owner: Ministry of Defence
Operator: Indian Navy
Ordered: 2004
Builder: Cochin Shipyard Limited
Cost: $0.5bn (planned), $3.765bn (to date)
Laid down: 28 February 2009
Launched: 12 August 2013
Completed: estimated 2023
Commissioned: 2023 earliest
2) INS Vishal
Name: INS Vishal
Commissioned: 2025 (Expected)[1]
Status: Planned (design phase)
General characteristics:
Class and type: Vikrant-class aircraft carrier
Displacement: 65,000 tonnes
Propulsion: Nuclear
Aircraft carried: 50-55 fixed and rotary-wing
3) INS Vikramaditya:
Name: INS Vikramaditya
Namesake: Vikramaditya
Operator: Indian Navy
Ordered: 20 January 2004
Builder: Black Sea Shipyard, USSR, and Sevmash, Russia
Cost: $2.35 billion
Launched: 4 December 2008
Completed: 19 April 2012
Commissioned: 16 November 2013[2]
In service: 14 June 2014
Identification: Pennant number: R33
Motto: Strike Far, Strike Sure
Status: In active service