Possibility of World War 3

USA and North Korea could start World War 3


 The intentions are clear. The arms and ammunition’s are ready. Neither USA nor North Korea are looking behind. World War 3 may begin.

After the second World War, World War 3 was out of question. The previous wars had resulted in a lot of destruction and losses to humanity. For discussions over such topics, an organization was formed called as the UNO(United Nations Organization), UNO operates to maintain peace on the globe. But currently, two countries are disturbing the peace and are planning on a nuclear war.

North Korea has warned that it will defend itself against US aggression with a “powerful force of arms”. But there is risk involved if US attacks North Korea.

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered shifting of more than 60,0000 residents from Pyongyang. The relationship of these two countries is worsening day by day.

Tensions between USA and North Korea


Various missile testings are going on in North Korea. Kim Jong-un is certainly preparing its military, arms, ammunitions, missiles. Preparations for the war, it seems!

The US Navy strike group was sent towards the Korean peninsula. Washington has also leaned towards sanctions and pressure to deter North Korea.The US is unlikely to launch an attack on North Korea first because the move could possibly increase tensions, further leading to a nuclear war.

But the Trump administration is keeping all options open on the table. US President Donald Trump recently tweeted: “North Korea is looking for trouble”. Trump wont look back if a war is initiated. USA is strong enough to tackle North Korea.

The predictions of World War 3 may become true


Probably, America is trying to team up with China. China is North Korea’s main trading partner. Recently, China and South Korea agreed to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea.

International tensions have been increased after the US President ordered missile strikes on a Syrian airbase in response to a deadly chemical attack by the Assad regime in Syria.

On the other hand, North Korea is still struggling to develop nuclear-headed airborne missiles. But, North Korea has various submarines. They can appropriately use submarines during wars or attacks.

Former British diplomat and senior civil servant, Sir John Sawers has warned that US relations with North Korea were actually a much bigger problem to world peace than the war in Syria. He also said that the focus should currently be on North Korea, as North Korea is doing unpredictable things.

When soldiers lose their lives: