Three Chinese warships dock in Pakistan

    Three Chinese warships dock in Pakistan


This post is primarily about Three Chinese warships. The Chinese navy has docked three Chinese warships at Pakistan’s southern port city, Karachi. The three warships have latest technology installed in them.The Chinese navy is one of the strongest navy in the world.On the other hand, the Pakistan navy hasn’t made its place in the top ten.


Why is China showing great interest towards Pakistan?


We will answer that question in the end. First lets look at the three Chinese warships that are docked in Pakistan . The three warships docked in Pakistan are destroyers . In addition, they are fighting warships.The Three Chinese warships are Chang Chun, Jing Zhou and Chao Hu.
According to China, the docking will promote understanding and mutual trust between the two nations and their people. The commander (admiral Shen Hao) of the Chinese navy said that cooperation and communication between the two navies will strengthen regional stability and promote peace. A welcome ceremony was organised for the Three Chinese warships as well.
Pakistan has two major ports in southern Pakistan, one of which is Gwadar port, in Balochistan. This port has been built with assistance from China. But the Chinese navy have selected the Karachi port for training.


Three Chinese warships and China


According to some military experts, the Gwadar port would enhance military capabilities of China and Pakistan. It would also increase the domination of Chinese warships in the Arabian Sea.

China wants to spread its domination all over Asia and The United States. But India is also a major threat in their way. India and China are both strong nations.

Currently India is dominating in the Indian ocean, Arabian sea and in the Bay of Bengal. Maybe China is planning to team up with Pakistan as Pakistan and India do not have good relations. But India has good relations with USA, Russia, and other Arab countries. Last year, India, USA, and japan had organised a naval training camp.

According to us India is a better nation than China and Pakistan in terms of  maintaining relations with other nations. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken various steps that are surely going to benefit India in the coming future.