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$2 Billion drone deal

India’s $2 billion deal with USA

As India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Donald Trump, all eyes are on the $2 billion drone deal.

Over a few months there have been severe attacks in various states of India. The Prime Minister of India would want to deal With the United States of America. It is expected that India will be authorized to purchase naval drones from USA. Every government body is looking forward to the $2 billion deal. A senior White House official indicated on Friday that any U.S. military transfer to India would not impose a threat to India’s neighbour Pakistan.

The US President Donald Trump will be meeting Narendra Modi. They would certainly have a word between them about the $2 billion deal. Modi and Trump would discuss this in the White house followed by dinner for the Indian Prime Minister.

The $2 billion Drone Deal

There would be discussions regarding the drone deal. India is looking forward to purchase 22 unarmed drones from the US military. These unarmed drones are worth $2 billion. There are indications that US President Donald Trump would sanction the deal. Trump knows that he hasn’t had positive relations with Russia and China over the past. So, he would want to improve relations with India by sanctioning the deal. The senior officers of the White House mentioned in a report that the deal would benefit India and would strengthen India-U.S.A relations. The deal would not affect the relations between USA and Pakistan. The US officials also said that the $2 billion deal will help India gain stability and make India ready to counter-attack its enemies.

The deal will benefit the Navy

The Indian Navy is in desperate need of the drones.The drones have a radar that will keep a watch on the Indian Ocean at all hours of the day.

Authors Take: 

This transfer of drones will not only help India to have a backup of ammunition but will also bind together India’s armed forces. The relations between India and the United States will surely improve. And this will also help USA, as they can expect help from India in the future.