India confirms cooperation with Nepal in all sectors

India ready to cooperate with Nepal in all sectors


After having a discussion, India decides to cooperate with Nepal. The two sides signed eight agreements, four of which were on the post-earthquake reconstruction in the Himalayan nation.


On Thursday, India decided that it will cooperate with Nepal in different areas. India decided to provide economic support to Nepal. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed that both India and Nepal were interdependent on each other in the defence sector.

After the conversation, the two sides signed eight agreements, four of which included the post-earthquake reconstruction in the Himalayan nation.

Both India and Nepal planned to cooperate in defence and security field. Prime Minister Modi along with the Prime Minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba came up with this decision. Both the Prime Ministers confirmed that the defence of both the countries is interdependent on each other.

Modi claimed that defence agencies of both the countries would work together in order to keep the open border between the two countries secure and to ensure the security of the people on both sides of the border

India-Nepal bilateral relationship


Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed great support for the India-Nepal bilateral relationship. Officials also claimed that Modi and Deuba spoke over a wide range of topics covering all areas.

With help from India, Nepal has ensured to work on various development projects. Projects like postal roads, trans-border power transmission lines and integrated check posts.

After the Thursday’s discussion, Modi and Deuba jointly remote-launched two new power transmission lines between India and Nepal, each of 132 KV, between Katiya and Kushaha, and Raxaul and Parwanipur. According to the Indian Prime Minister 100 MW of power would be supplied through the new lines to Nepal in addition to 350 MW already being supplied

Keeping economic partnership in mind, Narendra Modi said that both countries would work together in areas like water resources,energy, connectivity projects and post-earthquake reconstruction. India has committed $1 billion in reconstruction aid. This aid is for Nepal which experienced a destructive earthquake in April 2015 that claimed around 9,000 lives.

A total of eight agreements were signed after Thursday’s talks, four are memorandums of understanding to support reconstruction of 50,000 houses, and implementation of reconstruction packages in the education, and health sectors. On Thursday, both Modi and Deuba agreed to raise efforts to complete the ongoing hydro-power projects by setting a time span.

Modi also claimed that India was totally prepared to play its role in Nepal’s development. Modi also appreciated Prime Minister Deuba’s role for the successful conclusion of two phases of local body elections in Nepal. Even, Deuba appreciated the foreign policy initiatives of India. Deuba believes that the growth of India was a source of inspiration for Nepal.

Sher Bahadur Deuba, assured that Nepal’s border would not be allowed to be used for activities against India.