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Our Philosophy

We are here to bring out the politics everyone does at street side . We think that those words need to be raised in more specific and organised way. A way which is more appealing , understandable , meaningful and more attractive.

We strive to provide you best content and to make you understand our form of politics.“The social politics”

We suggest you read some of our articles to better understand what we do. So please choose one of the topic and dive right into the world of politics.                     

          Our Aim

We strive to bring you rich quality content which is not just appealing but convincing. We are not a private site rather than we are community suite where every person is allowed to show its own prospective on different political, social etc topics.

Our sole aim is to organize the political prospective of community in such way which leads to the development of country and helps in establishing equality and equity in Indian society.

We welcome you on our site as both reader and writer means that you can both explore our articles while also contribute (  visit to Join us and earn section  for more information ).

We also community discussions on various topics as community discussions influence the prospective of number of people.

              Our Team

Political circle is One man army website combined with the community power of crores of Indian who believe that there shall be a proper platform where people from very corner of India can discuss political topics and reach to a proper conclusion.

At last I believe that we all shall try to be active in politics as if we began ignoring the things going on around us, these things are never going to improve

Vijaypal Mishra

( Chief author and publisher of this site )