Election 2019–A battle royale ??

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Elections 2019 : Election for Lok Sabha has started in the world’s biggest democracy. On one hand stand #Maibhichowkidaar while on other side #Chowkidaarchorhai . But is election really limited to these two factions ? That remains a big question .

Half of India has already voted for their favorite candidate and eagerly waits for the result that has to be announced on 23 May 2019. But lets look back at the timeline and try to analyse whole political drama that surrounded this election.

This election has seen a lot of vulgarity then earlier, the level has gone much lower. While congress has played Priyanka card to win the elections and believes that maybe Priyanka will show the party path to success , which after 2014 elections is in very bad condition. This political card was recieved by huge number of trolls and political attack on Priyanka’s family by opposition.

 Election 2019
Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati

While in UP SP made alliance with BSP to cope problem possessed by BJP, congress participation is still unclear in this alliance. It’s self explanatory that BJP is gonna have big battle with SP and BSP alliance in UP.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is himself holding many road shows and political rallies.

Saying for vulgarity, no party is behind in this category , everyone is at top. This election instead of being based on Development propaganda , is going on personal attacks by politicians on one another. While in a person list Azam Khan is on top and can be described as vulgarity king. His most vulgar statement on Jaya Prada arose a lot of controversy. But still election commission has not banned him from contesting election shows that election commission is not strong enough. ( We criticize his statement )

Jaya Prada hits back Azam
Jaya Prada hits back at Azam Khan

This is not the first time when such type of statement has came from Azam.

The fight instead of being on development or security, is largely based on personal attacks.

This year the elections are important as the fight is between Chowkidaar and Chor , the common people have to decide weather chowkidaar or chor will prevail.

This year one more thing observed is that total voting percentage has decreased in lots of places. ThePoliticalCircle request people to get out and vote.

 Vote for Future
Vote for Future

Vote because:

  1. It’s the power given to you and you shall use it.
  2. It’s up to you whether you will forgive people such as Azam and let them win the elections , they will if you don’t go out and vote.
  3. Future of the country depends on you, or I should say that future of your child lies in your hand.
  4. Lots of people sacrifiesed themselves to get you these powers.
  5. Vote the leader you like and play your role in forging this country.

Future of country lies in the hand of it’s people, if they choose right country becomes superpower and if wrong it becomes Arena.

This election means a lot because this will the country a new path either development will continue or destruction will start.

It’s up to you.

What will you choose ?

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