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Earn online with us . Please read the whole of article to understand the things clearly.

We are a developing site which is trying to give people a chance to earn money online by the help of the political enthusiast persona which is inside them .

In simple words we are paying you for providing us articles which are rich in content based on present political topics.

We are trying to develop our database and fill it with rich content. You can help us do that by sending us your articles  and get paid (payment is relative) .

The arcticles provided by you will be discussed by people.

This is how the process works

  1. You will send us your articles by e-mail .
  2. Language can be either english or hindi.   
  3. The article will be reviewed by us.
  4. The article will be published on our sites.
  5. People will visit your article and we will earn revenue.
  6. At the end of the month we will receive the revenue we earned.
  7. We will pay you 25% of the revenue we earn from the page your article is.

How payment works??

The payment is done through paytm.

It’s important that you must remember that the amount paid is relative to the revenue we earn on the page your article is.

Your earning can vary between 500 rupees per page article you give us to several thousands . Remember this all depends on the number of people visiting your article.

It’s also important to remember that payment will be made at end of month.

In order to increase your earning you must increase the number of people visiting your page and to do that you can advertise our site . As much as people will visit the page relatively your earning will increase.

In order to increase your earning you can advertise our site on whatsapp by sending links to people , on facebook etc.

Terms and Conditions

Conditions related to articles

  • The article shall be your own not copied  from any sites
  • To make article more attractive you can add images and information.
  • Articles shall not have any content which may hurt the feeling of a person or group.
  • When sending the article you have to send your Name along with it.
  • You will have copyright of your article and can ask us to remove your article from our site but we will reserve the right to edit the article to some extent but not the right to publish it as our own.

Conditions related to payment.

  1. Payment will through paytm.
  2. You will be paid at the end of the month.
  3. The amount is all relative .
  4. You will be asked for your paytm number only for the purpose of payment.

What we promise

We promise that your article will be published along with your name but name of our author will too be published.

You will have right to ask us to remove your article from our site.

We have right to edit the article to some article.

We also promise that all the queries you make will be answered satisfactory.


You have to send your article to this e-mail address.


For any queries contact us through e mail

It’s important for you to remember that your articles may be rejected too and you will be informed about.

Kindly wait for 3 days after submitting article to us.

Enjoy writing with us!!!!!


  1. The more the visitors on our site the more the earning.
  2. Always try to write articles on issues which are famous and are in demand.
  3. You can also send us image of your article and we will type it for you but this may take time 4 to 5 days at max.
  4. Try to advertise our site on whatsapp and facebook etc. Tell your friends about our site and ask them to join us too.
  5. Remember all this and earn in thousand with us without much effort.