RAW Intelligence Agency( Research and Analysis Wing), unknown protector of our soil.

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Intelligence agencies have a different significance in the security of any country. Indian intelligence agency is RAW. Do you know how it works? You have also seen many films on the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) but in reality those films hardly tell you anything about it’s working , structure and all. No one can tell you everything about RAW. It is considered to be one of the best secret agency in the world. I also can’t tell you much either it’s a secret agency

 RAW Intelligence Agency

The legal status of the Raw Intelligence Agency is still unclear. Why is RAW not an agency but a wing? There is no proper answer for this question

Unlike CBI, the federal investigative agency of India, whose existence is known to the majority of people, RAW receives little to no attention from the populace, which seems to be unaware of the existence of such an organisation or even India’s internal intelligence agency.

 The agency’s primary function is gathering foreign intelligence, engaging in counter-terrorism, promoting counter-proliferation, advising Indian policymakers, and advancing India’s foreign strategic interests.

The primary mission of RAW includes aggressive intelligence collection via espionage, psychological warfare, subversion, sabotage, and assassinations.

RAW was formed after Indo- China war of 1962 and Indo- Pakistan war of 1965, when Indira Gandhi’s government realized the need of a dedicated secret agency to increase the efficiency of Army.

Formed21 September 1968
HeadquartersCGO Complex, New DelhiIndia
Mottoधर्मो रक्षति रक्षित: 
(The law protects when it is protected)
Annual budgetClassified
Minister responsibleNarendra ModiPrime Minister of India
Wing executiveAnil DhasmanaIPSSecretary (R)

R&AW monitors the activities of certain organisations abroad only as they relate to their involvement with narco terrorist elements and smuggling arms, ammunition, explosives, etc. into India. It does not monitor the activities of criminal elements abroad, which are mainly confined to normal smuggling without any links to terrorist elements.

Activities and functions of RAW are highly confidential and declassification of past operations are uncommon unlike agencies like CIA, MI6 and Mossad who have many of their activities declassified. 

 RAW maintains active collaboration with other secret services in various countries. Its contacts with FSB of Russia, NDS, the Afghan agency, Israel‘s Mossad, the CIA and MI6 have been well-known, a common interest being Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

RAW has been active in obtaining information and operating through third countries like Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Singapore

No RTI can be filed on RAW , because it is a matter of security for the country.

Your parents need to be Indian to be eligible to join the RAW intelligence agency.

RAW’s theory is ‘Dharmo Rakshitra Rakshit:’, which means that a person who protects religion is always safe.

RAW sends his reports directly to the Prime Minister. The selection of its director is done by the secretary.

Those candidates, who have been elected to the defense forces, are required to resign from their original department before joining them.

After the mission is complete, the officer is allowed to join his original department. If you do not have enough courage then you can of course go back.

Being involved in the RAW agency is not a thing that will make your fortune , the person who is greedy should not dream to join RAW.

The credit for joining Sikkim in India goes to RAW to a great extent. Raw played an important role in making the citizens of India a pro-Indian.

The dream of joining RAW should be a secret and you are not allowed to tell this secret to anyone.

It is not a job to sit in front of a desk . If you are on a mission, then it is possible that your family will not even know where you are.

RAW agents all always prepared to work continuously for twenty-four hours , seven days a week, under any circumstances, and adapt themselves to those circumstances.

If you are good in any sport then your chances to get entry in RAW increase drastically . Do not try to hide anything from them. If you think that you can overcome it in a whim, then you are wrong.

Knowledge of Chinese, Afghani or any other language puts you above others.

India’s intelligence agency will reach you automatically. Do not try to find them.

The secret of being detective is buried with you after death. Even your wife/husband do not come to know that her/his husband/wife was a raw agent.

The life of a Raw Detective is not like the life shown in movies . But they are the top spies and trained to protect their country at any cost even their life.

It was the responsibility of Raw to keep India’s nuclear program confidential.

The officer posted on duty as RAW agent does not gets a gun. They use their sharp intellect to defend themselves.

RAW has been formed on the lines of the American CIA. Its officers are trained in the US, UK and Israel.

The best way to join RAW is to pass the UPSC and get employed on the IPS or IFS post.

If the agent of the RAW is caught in the enemy country while serving as a agent , then the government of his own country denies to recognize him as a citizen of the country, they do not receive any kind of help . And in the end, when they die on enemy soil , they do not have any luck to reach their soil. Something similar happened with Ravindra Kaushik of India.

To join RAW a person needs to have burning optimism for the country and a lot of courage. If army plays a major role to win a war, RAW tries to end the war before it is fought as having the information of enemy is like winning the half war .

RAW has provided great service to the country so far, and have also lost lots of its agents who risked their life for the wellness and security of the country. Those bravehearts have dedicated their life for country and the agency knowing that once they are caught by the enemy , they will be declared as traitor and defected.

Joining is in itself a adventure and duty after joining RAW is more adventurous. Agents live in constant threat of being discovered by enemy’s intelligence and once discovered , they are killed or imprisoned for life in enemy’s country.

We salute to these Unknown protectors of our soil.

Writer and Author:

Veeru Patel

Translated by Edited by:

Devashish Mishra

Original Article: https://thepoliticalcircle.com/raw-in-hindi/

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