Reginaldo Lourenco insensitive comment on Goa CM

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What Reginaldo Lourenco said ?

“I’m not here to dictate terms, his party will dictate terms to him. But don’t go to assembly with that pipe in the nose, all things coming out from your pocket. It doesn’t suit you. As a leader, he should have some class. It is his own leadership quality which shows that what sort of a person he is. A leader who is not determined. With that sort of a situation, with a tube in your nose, where you have things coming out of your pocket, it does not suit you,” Congress leader Reginaldo Lourenco said talking to ANI.

 Reginaldo Lourenco

“Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar should honourably resign or give charge to somebody” he added

This statement came after Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Girish Chodankar said that Parrikar should come back to “hosh” before speaking about “josh”. Reacting to Chodankar, Parrikar, before presenting the budget said he was fully in “hosh” and added that his “josh” was very high.

My take

Do I agree with him ?

No I don’t agree a bit with what he said.

It shows how insensitive Reginaldo Lourenco is, as leader he too shall have a class, which in my opinion he lacks.

What he said doesn’t tells that he is caring or respectful towards Mr Parrikar but shows that he is trying to mock at Mr Parrikar’s situation . Mr Parrikar is fighting with a disease but still doing the work what he is meant to do, and believe me he is fighting like a warrior

Mr Parrikar keeps his duty before his health, it shows how much dedicated and determined he is towards his duty , where will the Goa find such great CM .

Why he should resign ? , it’s up to him whether he want to work for his people and complete his duty till death or not, and in case of Mr Parrikar , it is clear that he wants to serve his people till death.

Nor in BJP nor in Congress or any other party we will find such great man. He is not replaceable.

Congress is trying to show a fake sympathy towards Mr Parrikar health.

First Rahul Gandhi visited Mr Parrikar to talk him on his declining health and used the visit for a sole purpose of taking political advantage and then Reginaldo said that he should honourably resign. No he should not resign nor he will resign , I don’t think that he will let Goa to fell in hands of these insensitive people , who are making fun of such a humble and great man.

Its not the sympathy of Congress but fear that they will never be able to manipulate the people of Goa under Mr Parrikar and as I said Mr Parrikar is not replaceable , any another CM which will come will not be as good as Mr Parrikar and Congress will get a chance to remove BJP from power and eventually take over Goa.

Everybody knows Goa BJP under Mr Parrikar is very strong threshold to conquer . Everybody saw , How the vote percentage of BJP declined when Mr Parrikar was not made a CM candidate.

Removing the competition is the first way to win a competition, participating is second.

Mr Parrikar is man of influence, a large amount people believe him, rely on him. Removing this competition will automatically help Congress by a lot and that the reason why Congress is trying to show this fake sympathy , not even sympathy but they are making the fun of his illness .

I am not supporting BJP here rather than I support Mr Parrikar ideology to work for a cause ( development and wellness of his people ) till death.

I support Mr Parrikar and condemn Reginaldo for this insensitive comment. It’s just a political drama fueled by Congress and nothing else.

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