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When Shri Dama gives a curse to Radha ji that she will forget Krishna for 100 years and she will have to go to mrityu lok .

This is part conversation that was going on when Radha ji was going to mrityu lok.

 When a person falls in true love


Krishna says, “Radhe, Shri Dama cursed you, how will you wait for me for 100 years?”

Radha responds, “You have been cursed Krishna not me, remembering me, how will you wait for 100 years, I will forget you.”

And Radha ji closes her eyes, saying, “Now these eyes will open on the day you come face to face”

And she goes away.

It is “love”

Love is never false, true, good, unnecessary.

There are some things that can be understood as part of love by mistake. Just like right on someone, lust, greed, desire etc.

However, if anyone does not understand now …

Couple of our eyes is looking at the whole world. This is “true love”.

Candle is burnt to light everything around it, it is “true love” for light.

A tree grows fruit on it so that other people can eat “this is love”


As soon as we hear love , with a smile we make a picture of a woman or a man in the mind and in the heart.

This is love too, but that is not the only form of the love. Love can be with you in many forms , you may fell in love with any object, from nature, or from any of the cosmos of the universe.

Love will always remain in the world.

What is true love?

When you fall asleep during the night, or when you get up or during day or night , you remember someone , without fear of losing anything or hoping to get something, you are in love and That is true love.

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© Manoj Chaurasiya (Manoj Chaurasia)

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Translated by:

Devashish Mishra

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