Why America has not been able to win Afganistan war ? Complete anylasis

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Governing Afghanistan, keeping control is a very complex task!

Many big empires have been entangled in Afghanistan! Even Afghanistan is also called “Graveyard of Empires” (Grave of empires).

America is the newest player in this series.

If you see the pages of history turning around, you will find that many big empires won some battles here, even then they could not achieve a strong supremacy.

After the war in 1839-1842, the British Army also concluded that it is easier to deal with outsiders than interacting with a lasting political leader. So far, the closest example of the most balanced control here, if we want to give it, can be given by the Mughloh during the time of Shah Jahan. Instead of absolute control, Shah Jahan managed to control the area loosely by paying various tribes, or by providing them autonomy.

A complete victory is impossible in Afghanistan !!

 Why America has not been able to win Afganistan war

Currently America is fighting in Afghanistan nearly for 17-18 years, losing its youth, yet has not done anything very unprecedented! Even now, the Taliban’s terrorism is as strong as it was earlier.

After all what is in Afghanistan that is making America’s path to success so difficult ?

Reason 1:

Afghanistan is located in the middle of the trade between Iran, Central Asia and India, and has been continuously attacked by many foreign fighters, whose direct impact was on the local communities, which themselves too have been engaged in a great fight. .

Due to constant attacks and due to the chaos caused by mutual fighting here, the local people started constructing a fort, almost every house, every village.

Afghanistan is not your ordinary country, where people will find people who are happy to drink, here the situation is completely upside-down!

Reason 2:

 mountains of Afganistan

The physical lands of Afghanistan, increasing the tribal trends, makes the victory of the invaders very difficult and governance very difficult.

In Afghanistan, the world’s tallest, more difficult, pointy, straight mountain is present in excessive numbers!

These include Hindu Kush, which is present throughout the entire country and is spread over the center and south of the country, as well as the Pamir mountain range in the east.

Pamir Naut – Where the Hindu Kush, Pamir, Tian Shan, Kunlun, and the rest of the Himalayan series meet together, is located in Badkhshan in north-east Afghanistan, which you can see in the lower map.

Current Status:

At present, the situation has become such that neither America is able to achieve any big victory, nor is the Taliban able to solve the problem in a complete way. The fight has been going on here for the last 17-18 years, yet there is no clear conclusion to see.

Besides, the cost of Afghanistan war is also not cheap!

Statistics show that the U.S. spends $ 45 billion in Afghanistan war almost every year.

Also now USA is facing opposition to this war by its own people. Only 26% of Americans think that more troops shall be sent to Afganistan, 51% consider that the war is not worth fighting.

So this was something that we discussed about the difficulties of USA in Afghanistan war.

Writer and Author:

©Rudraksha Patle

Translated in English by:

Vijaypal Mishra

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Why America has not been able to win Afganistan war ?

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